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Old Town Putt

About us

To us, there's never been anything minor about indoor mini golf. As the best bar in Fort Collins, we took the bar game a step further and knew we wanted to do something different. Admittedly, mini golf is an odd passion for adults but we never claimed to have fully grown up. Driven by the belief that a whole slew of other so-called adults completely understand and secretly harbor a desire to experience golf on a diminutive scale, as we all did as kids, we started scouting for a site that would prove worthy of an indoor mini golf course.

Moving to Fort Collins gave us exactly that.

Once we (Dana and Nora Snell) laid eyes on Fort Collins, we exclaimed "wow."

Our daughter said "wow" (or some version of such as she’s just now three years old).

And our dog Levi said … well, nothing. He’s a dog. He’s impressed by the food that falls on the floor.

Regardless of who said what, we were smitten and knew that Old Town offered just what we wanted in a place to build our business. So, here we are — offering a great little place for friends and family to gather and have fun. A little game here, a little cocktail there. It’s everything we envisioned and we hope that you find it as fun, cool, and inviting as we do! By the way, we didn’t stop at nine holes. Our clubhouse offers a full bar and a cart-load of games, making Old Town Putt the new place to go in FoCo!

Notice how we didn’t say we hope you find it "above par?" That’s because, in golf, that’s a bad thing. So, we hope you find Old Town Putt to be … under par. Waaaay under par.

Visit us in the Exchange on North College in Old Town Fort Collins. We’re tucked in the corner, surrounded by a white picket fence. We put the tee in ParTEE. Or something equally ridiculous. Come play today!


Are you fun-loving, focused, and interested in working with other great people just like you? We’re looking for new members to join our team! Hiring bartenders and mini golf attendants, including nights and weekends. Contact us today to find out more information and submit your application.

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